FAA Requests Instructors Sign Off Applicants in IACRA as Soon as Ready for Practical Tests

An FAA/Industry group has been working to decrease delays in scheduling of practical tests that are being experienced in some regions recently. As this work continues, an effort to better understand where and why some of these delays are being experienced is underway. In an effort to better understand this, the Industry representatives have committed to the FAA to encourage instructors to sign-off students in IACRA as soon as they are ready for a practical test, not to wait until the day the actual test takes place.

The FAA tracks the data points of when an applicant is signed-off in IACRA for a practical test and when the actual test is completed. The difference of time between these helps them gauge how long an applicant has waited for a practical test. While this may not always be possible for all fight training providers based on the scheduling of a practical test and when all items for training are completed, but whenever possible it is being asked that instructors complete the IACRA application and submit it as soon as the applicant is ready for the practical test. This will help provide better data to the FAA to enhance FAA/Industry efforts to understand where excessive delays are present for applicants needing practical tests.

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